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There are a lot of companies out there who make products to assist in the transport of your sleds and one of those companies is Caliber.

Caliber makes everything from shop dolly wheels to sled ramps and even hard mounted trailer ski and track guides to assist in getting you out on the snow with less hassle.

When you start out in the morning or likewise finish up in the evening a lot of us who ride like to leave our sled in the shop to thaw out, but that can have its own set of problems.

Using Caliber sled wheels as well as Caliber Trax wheels allows us to move the sled around the shop with ease.

The ski dollies work with nearly all sled skis and actually lock onto your wheel so you can drive it up to 12 MPH. When you link this up with the rear Trax wheel set up, which will accommodate up to a 3.25-inch lug, you no longer have to struggle to move your sled around the shop thanks to the 5-inch oversized casters and a 500 LB load rating.

An additional benefit of the new Trax wheels – because it’s a tapered base it means if you hit a rough spot on the concrete, rubber or even a piece of gravel on the shop floor it won’t cause the dolly to fall off the track like so many others do.

For more information on Caliber’s full line of products visit

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