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The Oil Support Caddy/Goggle Bag from BRP makes the most of space under the hood by offering additional storage to keep smaller items warm and dry while riding.

When BRP introduced the CVT Cooling System as both standard equipment on some models, and available as an accessory for retrofit, or add-on for others (part number 860200883), it made space above the clutch guard available for storage (The CVT Cooling System has integral tool holders so the plastic box can be removed).

BRP quickly came up with a bag for the open spot that allows riders to store items in a warm, dry location – perfect for an extra quart of oil, pair of goggles, gloves or whatever. The new bag is especially good for mountain riders looking to dry out wet goggles from playing in deep snow, where they can rotate and dry pairs back and forth.

But trail riders could appreciate a warm pair of gloves through out the day too.

For information on all the genuine BRP accessories to fit your ride visit or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

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