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BRP has updated its base layer line of winter wear to offer everyone the right clothing for their style of riding, from an ultra active mountain rider to the long distance touring rider.

There’s plenty of talk about layering clothing and the advantages offered to everyone that enjoys the outdoors in winter.

Snowmobilers are at the leading edge of this trend and realize they need to stay both warm and dry to be comfortable, so they parted ways with cotton long johns and blue jeans as base and mid layers.

BRP has examined today’s advanced fabrics to offer what a winter enthusiast needs, moisture wicking ability and thermal insulation to fit their activity.

The new BRP base layers are offered in three segments to fit the wide spectrum of riders and temperatures, from spring mountain riding to cold January mornings; the Active Base Layer is geared toward the Mountain and Race segment of riders, the Ultralight Base Layer towards Recreational riders and the Thermal Base Layer fits the Touring style rider.

These base layers combine with a mid layer of fleece wear, like the Technical Fleece shirt and pants, and an outer shell, like the Helium or X-Team race jacket, matched to climate and riding style, to give a rider the most comfortable experience possible.


The Thermal Base Layer is constructed of high filament polyester with slight brushing for a soft feel and Spandex for easy movement.

Ideal for the touring rider and those experiencing the coldest climate conditions. Available in three men’s and two women’s colors for the tops, with Charcoal Grey for both bottoms.

Top $64.99 US/$79.99 CAD
Bottom $49.99 US/$59.99 CAD


Ultralight Base Layers use a combination of polyester and coconut fiber for construction. The coconut fiber promotes evaporative cooling and absorbs odor while moving perspiration out and trapping warmth in. Spandex and mesh panels in key areas allow easier movement and promote faster drying and better ventilation.

This mid-weight base layer is ideal for most trail riders that vary their riding throughout the day. Available in Charcoal Grey only for both men and women.

Top $39.99 US/$49.99 CAD
Bottom $29.99 US/$34.99 CAD


The Active Base Layer is compression fit for added comfort and enhanced with X-Static in the fiber to thermodynamically regulate body temperature. Permanently treated for antibacterial performance, the Active garments also feature silver woven into the fibers to eliminate odor. Extra panels in specific areas help improve ventilation and promote faster drying. Available in black only for both men and women.

Top $59.99 US/$69.99 CAD
Bottom $54.99 US/$64.99 CAD

Complete details on these items and all Ski-Doo clothing available at or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

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