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How’s this for coolness? A new model based on the Summit XP platform is called the Summit Freeride.

The idea behind it is to combine the quick handling and extra chassis strength of Ski-Doo’s RS snocross sled with the deep snow prowess of the Summit – particularly the Summit X.

It uses the race Ski-Doo’s forward mounted steering post with a 5-inch riser and KYB Pro 40 piggybackers with compression and rebound (front shocks only) damping adjustability similar to the RS.

There’s a super deep lug 16x154x2.25-inch Camoplast PowderMax track and wide Pilot DS skis with adjustable ski-stance, actually set wider than most 2011 Summits.

It uses the racer brake, has running boards with less taper so the rider can move around more freely and an SC-SMR skidframe designed for better big landing capability.

There’s a cool set of graphic kits from Ski-Doo PAC with funky names to personalize this sled – everything from “Snow Fence” to “Rebel”.

As its name indicates, this sled is purpose built for freestyle powder and hill climbing and is designed to withstand the considerable abuse this kind of radical riding can generate. Its only engine choice is the E-TEC 800R and that kind of makes sense, really. This level of extreme riding demands the most extreme power available. Mission accomplished.

All Summits this year will come with an even narrower ski-stance to assist with sidehilling and turning back uphill against gravity in deep powder.

Up front, shorter A-arms and shocks bring the stance down to as low as 35.7-inches (adjustable to 37.4-inches). Summits with PowderMax tracks have had their center windows eliminated to increase climbing ability.

Ski-Doo’s testing has shown that this mod alone allows the sleds to climb 100-150 feet higher in identical conditions than sleds equipped with tracks that have windows in the middle of the track.

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