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The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) says it’s important to ensure your snowmobile trailer is in top notch shape and that you operate it safely so that your fun day on the trails doesn’t unexpectedly get cut short.

Overweight trailers need to shed some pounds!

Having the right trailer weight for your sled(s) is very important and the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) has specific requirements when it comes to the weight of the trailer being towed. Being in compliance with the weight requirements for your trailer is therefore a must.

Make your snowmobile feel secure!

While on a trailer, a snowmobile should be secure with no less than three means of attachment to ensure the snowmobile does not shift in transit or become dislodged in the event of an accident.

There’s much to gain from the right ball & chain!

There are many similar-looking ball-hitches that are NOT the same size. Make sure that the ball hitch is the same size as the receiver on the trailer. A second means of attachment (trailer “safety chains”) are often overlooked, inadequate, damaged, improperly repaired, dragging or attached with open “S” hooks that fall out. Make sure you have proper hooks with closure capability.

Light up your blinks and stops!

Directional signals and stop lights should be checked prior to every trip to ensure they are working properly. The connections often become faulty due to exposure to weather and elements.

Get your bearings on safe wheels and tires!

The sun and cold tend to dry out and crack trailer tires. Even with proper inflation and adequate tread, tires will disintegrate over time and need to be replaced. Lubricate the bearings and tighten wheel lugs at least once a season.

Keep MTO in the know!

Make sure the trailer is plated and registered with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Even home built trailers have to be registered and plated.

Haul with proper mirrors – not smoke and mirrors!

Having the right sized and properly positioned side mirrors is crucial to safe trailering because your mirrors are what you rely on for safe lane changing and keeping an eye on your snowmobile/trailer while you’re hauling it.

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