Ontario Welcomes Zero-Alcohol Age Limit

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The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) welcomes Ontario’s new Zero-Alcohol Limit for drivers 21 and under.

Since 2002, the OFSC has endorsed and promoted Zero Alcohol for riders of all ages by challenging every snowmobiler to take personal responsibility for choosing to be 100% alcohol-free prior to going snowmobiling or during any ride. As a result, most snowmobilers ride responsibly and alcohol-free, and return home safely after every ride.

“The new Ontario legislation gives OFSC Zero Alcohol a significant boost by making it much more than a peer-pressure campaign,” said OFSC Safety Manager Eric Saunter. “Now our Zero Alcohol position gains considerable legitimacy as part of a legalized behaviour for those under 21, which helps formalize it as a clear and acceptable choice for the entire snowmobiling community.”

Studies show that impairment starts from the first drink and that a person with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08%, is 11 times more likely to get killed while driving a car than at the .00% BAC, the level recommended by the OFSC Zero Alcohol Campaign.

The OFSC is committed to proactive leadership in promoting safe, responsible riding, on and off Ontario snowmobile trails, by building safer snowmobiling knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through rider education, safety legislation development and enforcement.

For more information, visit ofsc.on.ca

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