SUPERTRAX Enters Co-Operative Agreement with NYSSA

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Gary Broderick, President of the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA), the fastest growing state snowmobile sanctioning body in the US with over 68,000 dues paying members, announced today an agreement to work with Supertrax International Magazine, the sport’s largest audited circulation publication. This season Supertrax will be mailed to members of the NYSSA and will include special information for members.

The NYSSA has risen to the top of the organized snowmobile community in the US and is the fastest growing sanctioning group with a rate of growth exceeding all other associations on the continent. Broderick adds: “NYSSA members know Supertrax is the information leader in snowmobile publishing and are excited they will be receiving the magazine as a benefit of their NYSSA membership. Our Board is pleased to be dealing with reputable publishers and the great team at Supertrax”.

Supertrax is known for understanding volunteer organizations and their unique needs. The sport’s only international title also publishes the Supertrax Go Snowmobiling Magazine for the 80,000 plus membership of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs in Ontario, Canada.

Kent Lester, Co-Publisher of Supertrax Magazine commented: “Our team has years of experience dealing with snowmobile volunteer groups and knows what it takes to support growing, successful organizations like the OFSC and now the NYSSA. There are two things in this business that really count when it comes to delivering benefit and value: Verifiable circulation and entertaining, informed and opinionated content. Supertrax leads the snowmobile publishing industry with the largest audited circulation of any title in either the US or Canada and is critically acclaimed as the sport’s information leader”.

NYSSA members can look forward to receiving Supertrax Magazine in the coming 2010-11 publishing season. Supertrax advertisers will benefit from increased exposure to the membership of the NYSSA this season.

For more information contact (705) 286-2135 or go to

Supertrax Publishing and Supertrax Media are the sport’s largest media outlets publishing SUPERTRAX Magazine in the US and Canada four times annually to 195,000 snowmobiling households per issue, Go Snowmobiling Magazine in Ontario to nearly 60,000 snowmobiling households per issue, and the sport’s longest running, largest viewership television series, SnowTrax Television, broadcast on the Outdoor Channel in the US and TSN and TSN 2 in Canada to over 1.4 million viewers.

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