RIDE IMPRESSIONS: 2010 Yamaha Vector GT

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It wasn’t a big year for model changes at Yamaha but the engineering department poured a tremendous amount of effort into making the Vector into a better sled.

The bump to a 1049cc triple with EFI was a huge homerun and this sled delivers big-time on mid-range trail power.

It feels like it’s generating much more than its claimed 130-horses and seems closer in power to the Apex.

The upgraded GYT-R reservoir front shock package is a good one and the always-plush monoshock tunnel adjustable skid is the premium riding set-up in the biz, period.

We set the skidframe at full soft for trail riding, rebound and compression clickers on the front shocks were taken to their lowest settings and we backed off the spring preload front and rear.

Later, we jacked the settings as required, depending on the weight of the rider using the sled. We added a set of Qualipieces Cobra Head runners and have had zero issues with ski darting, even on the coldest days on the most frozen trails.

The Veck starts and runs perfectly every time, and is one of our most-used press rides day-in, day-out. The pipes sound awesome, too.

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