RIDE IMPRESSIONS: 2010 Renegade Backcountry X

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From the moment you pull this sled out of the trailer it’s got your attention. It looks great but, on the trail it performs even better than you’d expect.

The long track and deep lug are almost unnoticeable when riding and besides feeling a little more slick in icy corners, it handles like an XP – tight, precise and in control.

The 800 Power-Tek is still the wound up rubber band motor it has always been, producing a little more vibration than we’d like in the handlebars and runningboards but pulls like a tractor down low and hits huge digits on the lakes.

Corner to corner the Backcountry X is a precision tool that can hang it out as far as you can and not only carves the fresh groomed but chews through the whoops and stutter bumps with ease.

Off the trail is where the Backcountry really shines using all of its 1.75 lug to sidehill, power turn or rip up any amount of snow you put it in.

In the boonies, the XP’s reduced weight is noticeable over any other off-trail freeriding sled and its lightness makes throwing the X in and out of the powder exceptionally easy.

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