Polaris Takes Advantage of Its Momentum

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No matter what the economy does, this is a sizzle driven marketplace and Polaris will need to keep building on the momentum it has generated with the Rush.

This is what we strongly suspect will happen: First, we see the Rush getting an 800 Liberty, maybe a limited build, after Christmas.

This will entice buyers and frustrate (if not cool slightly) what just about everyone believes is the imminent intro of an 800 E-TEC.

Next, we’re convinced Polaris has a direct injection engine program in full swing.

Why? We have to ask the question, can Roseau go any further toward EPA 2012 without a DI 2-stroke or another 4-stroke?

Looking at the Rush platform, we’re not convinced 4-stroke power was ever in the plan for that platform.

That means the potential for a DI powered Rush has got to be good.

If, in fact, there is a DI system being readied in Roseau, we look for it to be added to the already potent 600 Liberty first.

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