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We recently had a chance to photograph a new, top secret CVT clutch soon to be released by CVTech IBC, makers of the PowerBloc.

This is the same primary clutch used on the recent land speed record Yamaha that set a new world record at over 200 mph.

That particular sled was making over 450 horsepower and, when we questioned CVTech about it, the engineers made it clear the whole design process was targeted at handling that kind of power.

Okay, here’s some of the scoop: Think about air being the clutch spring (note the Shrader valve in full view) and oil acting as the spider.

We can’t divulge much more without being executed, but we gotta tell you, this is one of the most trick pieces of snowmobile transmission tech we’ve seen in years!

Think the turbocharged mountain market would be interested in this?

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