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Dear Motorhead:

In your article, “Noise, Intolerance, Injustice” (Supertrax Vol 23, No 2) I’m guessing you do not live on any OFSC Trail.

My bedroom window is 100 ft from E108 and I seldom hear the machines go by exept the ones that have modified pipes.

I would like to give a copy of this article to the homeowners in Burkton that are also on TOP trail E108.

Two things give us the most complaints: loud exhaust and “free riding” on private property. If the decibel is close the OEM that is comparable, but there is no way for enforcement to measure this.

You are dead wrong on this issue and I’m a avid snowmobiler, but pipes of any kind should not be allowed and the law enforced to keep the noise levels down late at night.


Dear Chad:

Thanks for your email!

I think you completely missed my point. I am NOT in favour of loud pipes – I said so in the editorial. What I am in favour of is equal enforcement.

This is a foundational issue that has far reaching effects. You don’t lose your rights all in one big chunk – just little-by-little by the enforcement of bad laws for the wrong reasons.

If the OPP gets noisy sleds off the trails that’s great, but ticketing sleds with a non-stock exhaust that happens to be just as quiet as stock (there are many now available in the aftermarket) that’s wrong.

As well, stopping sleds and checking for non-stock exhausts while impaired snowmobilers continue to ride our trails after dark when there is no enforcement – period – is wrong. It’s about the big picture.

BTW – I live on one of the heaviest travelled lakes in our county and literally hundreds of sleds go by within 100-feet of my front door every winter weekend – late at night I really don’t appreciate glass packs on a modified triple!

Thanks for your comments!

Motorhead Mark

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