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Dear Motorhead,

I own two Yamaha sleds; an 08 FX Nytro mountain and an 08 Apex mountain. We live on the forest fringe in North East Saskatchewan. We ride mainly in flatland powder but we do ride the great trail system in the area. We like the Yamaha skis in the powder, but they SUCK on the trail.

Judging from the way you guys describe them in your magazine,I am sure we agree to this. What type or brand of ski would you recommend to have the best of both worlds?

I eagerly await your reply.



Thanks for your email!

There are a few ways to deal with the inexcusably poor performing skis fitted to Yamaha’s.

1) Get SnowTrackers and install them on the stockers
2) Get Kimpex version of a similar concept “Quali-pieces” “w” shaped ski profile modifiers for the stockers.
3) Use dual carbides like Stud Boy Deuce Bars or Woody’s Duallys.
4) Spend the big jing and get USI’s latest tunable boards.

All these efforts will net improvement in trail handling and reduce darting.

I am reluctant to recommend just one as we’ve tried them all and they all make a difference – some are better on some trail surfaces, some are better on other surfaces.

None will change the way the sled handles in fluff – for the most part – although the USI choice is pretty flexible.

Keep in mind, the Apex will respond with a dramatic change in handling (in a good way) while the Nytro will settle down but still will display nervous handling response and mysterious inside ski-lift.

The fix for the Nytro is – in our opinion – to update the A-arms and sway bar – not a cheap project. The MY 09 Nytro’s are much, much more stable but still require some ski-fiddling.

Motorhead Mark

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