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Dear Motorhead,

I’ve traded in my ’05 600 Sabercat on an ’09 F8LXR, to be delivered in October. My question is “Should I go for the SnoPro instead?”.

Previous to the Sabercat I rode a 2000 Polaris 440XCSP and absolutely loved the suspension. Like everyone else I like to go fast but I don’t like bad trails slowing me down.

To me, that sled had the best ride I’ve ever experienced but on big-mile tours it cost a fortune in fuel and didn’t have any storage so I picked up the Sabercat which turned out to be too soft in the suspension dpartment but a nice sled overall.

Different people I’ve talked to, including my A/C dealer, say the standard F-Series will handle the big bumps and small jumps way better than my Sabercat and actually turned me off the SnoPro, saying it’ll ride too hard.

I weigh 170 lb if that’s a factor in your opinion of which sled would be better for me. 




Thanks for your email!

The Arctic Cat “F” rear skid is among the best riding suspensions in the biz.

The Sno Pro package shocks do not – in our opinion – affect the rear skid ride to any great degree. 

However, the Fox Floats up front will change the feel of the F chassis pretty significantly.

I think the LX-R set-up is very capable on all terrain and the Fox SP shocks are overly stiff – no matter how much you soften them.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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