Which ’08 Sled Appeals To You Most?

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In the poll “Which 2008 sled in this value range appeals to you most?” Do you mean the Yamaha Nytro rather than Phazer?

Gary Olthoff



No, we mean the Phazer. The idea behind the poll was to try to find out what bargain priced snowmobile appeals to the most riders. There’s a big difference in all these four sleds in terms of power, power-to-weight and features.

We’ve noticed the snowmobile industry is working hard to package up specific sleds that offer both performance and comfort at lower prices than usual.

With prices climbing upward the past few years, many potential buyers are waiting to buy used or non-current new sleds instead of new ones. Thus the sledmakers are offering models like the Shift or SS500 for those who want a high performing sled with a few less features or less tech for lower bucks.

Also, there are hi-tech sleds out there like the Phazer and F-5 that linger around the 80 horsepower mark but have a tremendous list of features and amenities for sensible dollars.

We thought it would be interesting to find out which trend appeals to
you most.

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