What Suspension Tops an M-10?

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Dear Motorhead:

I have two Polaris 2003 600 Classics with the Fast M-10 suspension. I bought them new in 2003 and have not seen any really drastic imporvements in ride qualtiy to make me want to move up to something newer. They ride like you are on a cloud and never dart due to the dual runners.

I have read your evaluations for years and I have drawn my own conclusions by reading the magazine’s comments on suspensions. I ride big miles and want the most cushiest, softest ride you can get. I want to ride like I am floating on a cloud with my suspension absorbing all the bumps. I have not found or seen anything better than the Fast M-10 that is on my Classic 600’s.

So what sled would say gives a better cushier softer ride than the M-10 on my Polaris? If there is one then how much more better ride is it? I realize there may be a minimum improvement, but I would like the bottom line as everyone says oh my new sled rides big miles perfect…and then they sit on the M-10 and are silent.

So to me what is the point of selling the Classics with the M-10 if there really is nothing that much better.

I have been continually told hands down the M-10 is still the best in the business. Even the RUSH has its issues. Is it really that superior to the M-10…really?

Thanks for your help.



Thanks for your email!

Your arguments about the great ride from the M-10 are hard to refute – however, there’s more at play today than just ride.

You need to consider the benefits of rider forward ergos which on its own improves both ride and handling.

Polaris makes a number of models which have both great suspensions and great ride. The IQ’s with 136 inch skids including the touring models are exceptional and will equal your M-10.

The new Rush LX is another great riding sled. While M-10 was good in its day the compromises demanded by having that skid stuck in a “old-style” sit down ergo package are more than countered by newer rider forward designs.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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