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If You Don’t Have The Items On This List, You’re Missing Out!

Warmth is almost always the utmost consideration when you’re buying a new snowmobile suit.

Style is the main selling factor, however, and it’s interesting to observe how many people will compromise warmth and comfort for something that makes them look like their favorite snocross champ.

Check out the stitching and arm cuffs and when it comes to insulation, look for brand names like Thinsulate, Polarguard, Primaloft and Thermolite. These products deliver high levels of warmth without adding bulk.

You may also want to move up to a vapor barrier type suit that wicks moisture away from your body but keeps the heat in. This feature can be expensive but is worth it, especially if you tend to ride fairly aggressively. Remember, in sub zero weather, moisture inside your suit is your enemy.

Speaking of moisture, it’s not a bad idea to check out some of the flotation suits available in the event you should take a dunking in open water.

After years of riding, we’ve found some nice features we’d recommend. Pre-bent arms and knees are a nice comfort idea so you’re not always fighting the cold fabric when seated on a sled.

We like extra pockets, both inside and outside, particularly on the bib part of the suit. This makes it easy to stash extra gear like a camera or cell phone close to the warmth of your body.

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