What Affects Snowmobile Acceleration

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Hello I’m doing a project on what affects snowmobile acceleration and speed for a grade 10 physics class.

Please help it is due Monday…




Here are a couple of things to consider – and you’re going to have to dig a bit on this stuff. After all, I don’t have enough time to do your whole project for you.
Acceleration is affected by:

1. Traction: If the sled is at a dead stop and has no motion, the number of lugs and lug depth in the rubber track determines how fast the track can hook up and overcome the (mass) of the static sled to get it moving (inertia).

2. Friction: A thicker track produces more friction, especially as the temperature drops. This type of friction is the extra inertia required to get a thick track to roll around the idler wheels. The colder it is the more the rubber resists bending.

Friction can also be measured in misalignment of the drive parts of the snowmobile. If the track isn’t rolling onto the drive lugs on the driveshaft straight, it will generate friction and that means you’ll need more power to turn the track. This goes for every part of the drive system.
Friction can also be measured by the resistance of the track running over the sliders to lubricate them. If there isn’t enough snow getting on the sliders, the track creates resistance and needs more power to turn it.

3. Power: Since you didn’t determine what type of snowmobile you’re describing, I’ll say this. In any displacement category, a well tuned, properly carbureted engine will produce better power than one that isn’t – a no-brainer.

4. Clutching: This is very complicated and you’re physics teacher probably won’t want to read it but, clutching on a snowmobile has everything to do with acceleration. The rate at which the clutches will shift up ( the primary closes and the secondary opens) will determine how fast the sled can gain speed. Worn parts, misalignment or dirt can cause clutch parts to slip, stick or under-perform. Maintenance and part replacement is always a big consideration here.
Hope this helps and let me know what mark you get.

Kent Lester

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