Power Tek SD 800 Question

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Hi there Supertax team!

Let me first congratulate your team for the high quality information you provide us with the different subjects that you treat in your magazine.

I have a question about some technical data that your technician –specialist might have in files. I would like to know what is the difference with the 800 HO power tek version 2007 vs the 2005-2006.

We’ve heard that the piston rods have been forged for more durability and also that some modifications has been made to the carburetion and-or the mapping to correct the minor issues they’ve experienced with the previous 20005-06 version.

Thanks for your collaboration and have a great holiday!!!

Thanks for your question regarding Ski-Doo’s Power Tek 800 Series III Twin.

I solicited the Brain Trust at Ski-Doo for an answer to this one and as you can see below, you’ve got it from the right guy. Thanks to Steve Cowing at Ski-Doo fro getting the details on this question for an avid Supertrax reader – Motorhead Mark


The midrange is approx 10% richer via a new jet needle and ECM calibration. This improves acceleration in the midrange or makes the throttle acceleration snappier from corner to corner. It rocks!

Improvements were made to the routing of the TPS wiring harness to ensure a reliable connection and no chafing damage.The rod’s are forged as they have been, no real change there.


Steve Cowing
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