Torn Between Which Cat

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Dear Motorhead:

I’m torn between going with a 2-stroke procross XF800 LXR  which I know has the shorter track (I presently run a 04 F7) or the procross XF 1100 LXR which is a 4 stroke and has the longer track.

I’m concerned as you have mentioned before that a longer track would give a better ride. Another issue is I’m reluctant to go to the new 4-stroke (non turbo) because I fear I may be disappointed with its performance vs. my present f7 performance.

Do long tracks such as the new cats have a tendency to push through the corners on the trails. 90% of the time I would be riding on the groomed trail not bon docking in powder.

Any suggestions you could make would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again,




I would highly recommend after riding the new AC sleds you go for the 128-inch “F” model with the 800 2 stroke mill. The XF’s are excellent, but the ride quality – in your situation being so important – is not as plush as the 128 F’s.

The sled handles incredibly well in either F or XF variant. However, I am convinced for someone prioritizing ride first the 128 inch chassis is the ticket.

These are really good sleds with excellent handling, great ride and superb power-to-weight ratios. Go with the 800 if you’re coming off a 700 FireCat. There is no way you can compare the new sleds to the old “F” chassis.

Hope this helps. 

Motorhead Mark

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