THIS JUST IN: Someone Disagrees With Mark

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Dear Motorhead:

Your* an idiot. All theatres offer refunds if you leave early, you need only ask. To that end your recent analogy in Supertrax is absolutely wrong.

I want at least a discount as I also never actual used any of your trails. I would like to know which area you belong to as most likely all our funds went there.


Thanks for your email!

Your intolerance intrigues me. Yes, I am the Editor of GSOM. What you’re disputing – my example of walking out of a theatre – may, in some cases be alleviated by a refund. Not in my case here locally. However, I will accept your disagreement. However, I don’t accept your description of me as an idiot. Here’s why.

I get it – I understand how snowmobiling works in Ontario. I’m defending the OFSC and it’s member clubs after a terrible and thankfully rare, poor winter.

The OFSC and its member clubs invested last year’s revenue in YOUR trails. My club didn’t get your money in any greater ratio than it might already as a result of the heavy traffic the HCSA sustained and groomed for. However, if they did get some of your money I would feel really good about it. Just the thought of how much that might raise your ire in some weird way makes me smile – I digress.

You need to inquire how the OFSC’s equalization formula works. It actually benefits you, the permit purchaser, by ensuring there’s always trails somewhere – regardless of the weather.

Your anger is directed at the wrong people. The OFSC is not the bad guy. OFSC Clubs – your Club – is not the bad guy. I’m pretty sure I’m not the bad guy either.

The weather did what it occasionally does last year – it was an odd, mild and mainly snow-less winter. That isn’t likely to happen again in the near future.

The OFSC did precisely what it is supposed to do with your permit money. It was spent on your trails. That’s the deal – you will benefit from better trails this winter.

If you choose to ride without a permit and get caught doing so, please address your letter of complaint directly to the OFSC and not to me.

Oh yes, include a copy of your email and this reply from me as well.


Motorhead Mark

* Editor’s Note: We’re aware it is actually “You’re”

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