Suspension Set-Up On ’09 Dragon

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Dear Motorhead:

I am reading a lot of conflicting information on setting up the suspension on my 09 Dragon 800.

I really could use some advice on this or at least be directed to a relaible resource. Specifically, I am looking to find the correct balance between ski and track pressure, damping for certain conditions, and correct limiter strap position.

Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for your email!

Without any specific info on your weight and riding style I would suggest these parameters.

Do not mess with the limiter. Set the rear torsion springs to full soft and the rear arm compression clicker to full soft.
Ride the sled and use the shock clicker to control bottoming and ride plushness until you approach the half way to full hard setting.

At this point move the torsion spring to the second setting and go back to full soft on the compression shock clicker and take the sled for a ride using the shock clicker to fine tune ride and bottoming resistance – remember a well set-up suspension should bottom on the biggest bumps.

If you need to go higher on the torsion springs do the whole routine again and always go back to zero on the compression clicker with each increment you move the torsion springs up.

If you get to the top of the torsion spring range and at half way up the compression clicker you’re still not happy go beyond that point and see what you get.

Adjust the front shocks so that they are not transferring much motion into the bars and chassis while still maintaining a level posture in turns.

Try not to mess with spring preload while doing this – use the compression clickers (if you have them) if possible. Leave the front arm shock preload alone and use the rear coupler blocks to help modulate front-to-rear coupling to reduce front arm bottoming – if present.

Only increase ski pressure (front IFS spring preload) if understeer is serious – and make sure you’ve got at least 6 inches of decent carbide up front – less and you’ll get painted into a corner unnecessarily.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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