Supertrax Custom Install…Way Back

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I saw on the internet that Supertrax installed a 600 triple in an S-chassis back around 1996?

Where can I find more info on this install? It sounds like fun!





Where on earth did you find that story? Amazing! Yeah, we did a Supertrax project story about ten years ago where we bought an MX-Z series, I think it was a 500, and located a Formula III 600 triple for it (right from Ski-Doo’s Race shop).

This was in the days of big three holers and we had been wondering how the lightweight S-chassis (which we loved) would work with a Formula III engine in it.

Larry Wilson of Larry’s Small Engines in Orangeville, Ontario did the swap for us and although it was more than a bolt-in, it worked really well and the hood closed down over the motor, no problem.

One of the problems we ran into was the increased weight over the skis made the sled steer really hard, so we added a stiffer front spring in the skidframe (I think it was from a Formula III).

The hybrid turned out to be a nifty little lake racer and it was still way lighter than the F-3 plus we gained a big advantage in handling and ride.

I think it was soon after this Ski-Doo brought out a 600 MX-Z twin and it was way better (and faster) than our triple.

I’m not sure if I’ve got the story archived but I’ll look for it and post it for you, if possible.

Kent Lester

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