Any Issues with A 2005 Polaris Super Sport?

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I purchased a left over ’05 Polaris Super Sport. Are there any issues with this particular sled? I have also installed a 1 1/4″ ripsaw track, does this sled have enough power to get the most use out of the higher lug track? What can I expect in the way of performace from the 550 motor? Any information will be appreciated.

Submitted by: Mike Rohwedder


Wow! I can’t believe you scored a brand new 2-year old Supersport. Good sled! Any reports I’ve heard about the cylinder reed 550 fan SS is that it’s a very bulletproof engine. In fact, one of our staff members, John Arkwright, had one in his personal fleet for a few years.

My biggest complaint with this year/model was that it didn’t offer composite skis from the factory. Your particular model uses the iron liner mill (the 2007s have Nikasil liners and a throttle position sensor) like the 2006. Our understanding is that the 05 makes about 62 horsepower.

Frankly, the 1.25 track probably won’t make much difference unless you’re riding in powder snow a lot. In this setting it will prevent you from getting stuck as often.

With 60-62 HP on tap you’re likely going to see a decrease in top speed by a couple of mph with this track but you’ll hook up better off the line and on trails.

Kent Lester

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