Studding 700 Fusion

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Dear Motorhead:

My question is regarding studs. How many, how long and what pattern? I have a 2006 Polaris 700 Fusion with 121x15x1.25 track.



Thanks for your email!
Here’s what I believe is the starting point for improved traction. Run at least 2 carbide tipped penetrator style studs per track pitch – that’s 96 for a standard 121 inch track on your Polaris.

Position the studs on the middle belt of the track for best reliability and track durability. The length will be determined by the lug depth of the track. 1.25 inch tracks require long studs which have to be precisely sized for your model.

You should refer to the stud makers guide for length as there are differing sizes from different makers and some sleds require specific lengths to allow for tunnel clearance. Use a quality aluminum backer or one of the new plastic backers from Stud Boy. They’re tough and light.

With the power output of your sled you will still experience a small to moderate amount of track spin on very hard surfaces with 2 studs per pitch. However, 2 studs per pitch will not upset the handling balance and will produce vastly improved cornering grip and traction while underway.

If you go to a 2/3 pattern (2 on one pitch, 3 on the next) you may find your sled will push slightly (understeer) in turns on solid trail surfaces. If you move up to 3 studs every pitch this trait becomes more prevalent.

The answer is to increase carbide runner length. I would highly recommend you use at least 4 inches of steering carbide with any stud combination but be prepared to go to 6 inches of carbide beyond 2 studs per pitch.

Finally, check with your dealer about tunnel protection on this model. This is very important as not all sleds come with tunnel protection and many require it be added when studding.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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