Straight Goods On The 2013 Indy

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Dear Motorhead:

I’m interested in the new Indy SP and seeing how you guys have had a chance to demo them, I would like your honest opinion.

They say it has the same 2-injector motor as the RMK. Does it also include pistons heads and so on and does it handle as good as the 121 RUSH as far as the front end goes? Also, does the IQ tunnel suit the front end?

I am very serious about adding one to our family so if you had too rate it from 1 to 10 on overall, what would it be?

I look forward to your mags and shows. Too bad another season has come and gone.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks for your email!

Yes, the new Indy uses the 2-injector 600 CFI mill as do all Polaris models in MY 2013 except the 600 Touring – it is still a 4-injector.

The new Indy is the real deal. It handles almost identical to the RUSH but the sled is lighter than the Rush so it has a very athletic feel when pushed in the twisties.

The front end ride is exceptional and the rear end – provided you opt for the SP model with the upgraded shocks, is good – not as good as the Rush though.

I would strongly recommend the SP for the shocks and full hooked handlebars. The shocks alone are worth it.

I would suggest you add back tires before leaving your dealer – they make a difference to the sleds cornering attitude.

We were blown away by how fast the new Indy is. Very good top end as a result of the low friction skid design.

I would not hesitate to give it a solid 8.5 rating – it’s a really good sled and an exceptional value.

Motorhead Mark

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