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Supertrax had a chance to test out Ski-Doo’s LINQ attachment system on a couple of 2013 models recently and frankly, we are very impressed.

This setup enables riders to quickly attach and detach travel bags and even an auxiliary gas container, in seconds.

What really impresses us however, after thousands of miles riding with bags bungeed and strapped on the back of a sled, is the way LINQ allows whatever you’re carrying to be fully integrated into the sled – no flopping around, no bags getting loose as the miles accumulate and no matter how rough the trails are, everything stays glued on the sled without using bungee cords or extra straps.

The first thing you do is attach the LINQ base kit permanently to your sled. The 2013 Doos even provide a template on the rear of the tunnel for drilling the pre-perforated holes to attach the base kit.

It’s a complete no-brainer 5-minute installation and the small hoop-style brackets actually look cool once you’ve mounted them.

After these are on your sled, just select which LINQ bag or attachment you want to add and snap it in place.

The system holds and supports the LINQ gear so well it is virtually locked on your sled and the looped eyelets actually provide a great attachment place if you want to bungee on more of your own gear.

There are two semi-hardshell expandable bags available, short and medium length, both designed for sleds with tunnels 137-inches or longer.

If you have an older 137-inch Ski-Doo XP, you can even buy a LINQ decal kit you can use to make sure the base kit mounting holes are drilled in exactly the correct spot.

Based on our long list of travel bag horror stories accumulated over the years, we think this is the best system we’ve seen so far and it would be the first accessory we’d buy for our own sled before undertaking a long distance saddlebag trip.

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