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Dear Motorhead,

In regards to the 2008 Ski-Doo XP, how did BRP fix the issue of the drive shaft problem?

I heard and saw so many stories & actual cases yet when I went to other dealers they absolutly would not admit that there was such a problem.

I am terrified about buying one so I’m going to buy an ’07 Ski-Doo instead.




Thanks for your email!

There was – obviously – a random problem with drive axles on XP’s – it was not just Summits. 

However, not every axle will break. There was a defect in the welding of the spline stump onto the hollow tube axle portion of the shaft. Some of the welds were bad.

If you buy a used XP it has been our experience that the axles – if they were going to break – would do so in the first 2000 miles.

There was no distinction between an 800 or a 600 – if was going to break – it would. 

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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