Ski-Doo TNT with Harsh Suspension

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a new Ski-Doo TNT and have put 750 miles on it. I am finding the rear suspension very harsh riding.

I feel I have tried every possible combination of front arm and rear arm spring settings and coupler block settings.

Curious if you are finding your TNT the same and if so have you come up with an easy solution.




Thanks for your email!

Yep, I agree the thing is over sprung and over damped out of the box.

Here’s what we did. You are riding on the front of the sled more than the rear so soften the front IFS springs to the max – no preload what so ever.

Then unwind the front arm spring until it’s barely hanging on the shock.

Then soften the rear torsion springs and set the rear coupler block in the latest coupling position – the skinny side facing the bump stop.

That’s what we did. Aside from bolting an 8 inch cement block on the back or staying an extra hour at the all you  can eat buffet – this is as good as we could get it.
Motorhead Mark

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