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Press Release –

The OFSC has issued a Red Alert, which means don’t go because unpreventable conditions pose extreme risk.

After a great holiday season of bonus snowmobiling, most OFSC trails are closed temporarily this week due to mild temperatures and rain, which may cause flooding, washouts, open water, and bare or icy trail surfaces.

Please stay off all OFSC trails until further notice. Also, do not ride on any frozen waterways this week, because ice conditions are very unstable and unsafe.

The OFSC reminds riders that this winter is the earliest start for snowmobiling since 1993 and we’ve had some exceptional early season riding.

The mild temperatures are only a temporary set back; remember that normally, the trails aren’t even open until mid-January, so we’re still way ahead of the game in 2008!

Please be patient and we’ll be back in the saddle soon.

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