Ski-Doo RevXP 800 Test Ride Impressions

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How was the Rev-XP 8 at Snow Shoot compared to what you’ve driven for 1000 miles? I had a short test ride and found the sled to have too much vibration and the suspension was too stiff (similar to your 1000 mile report).

After my test ride I kinda liked my 06 CF7 better because it had way less vibes and was more compliant. I think I’ve decided to wait until 09 to give Doo and Yamaha a chance to sort out any issues.

I think I’ll be torn between the XP’s lightweight and the Nytro’s 4-stroke engine (by that I mean it’s smoothness, throttle response, reliability).

Any preferences or comments regarding the two sleds?

Kerry L. Johnson


Thanks for your email!

I’ll attempt to answer your Q’s in order.

1. All limited build Rev 800R XP’s are oversprung and overdamped. The ones we rode in Colorado two weeks ago rode exponentially better. The handlebar vibes have been fixed. Production XP’s this fall will all have a new damping system to isolate the vibes.

2. Yes, a Rev XP limited build would not ride as good as your CF 6. The XP you rode would vibrate more as well. The production XP’s will NOT be this way.

3. The XP is the most impressive new snowmobile ever released to the public. It is a remarkable sled. The Nytro is unquestionably the best 4-stroke snowmobile the industry has seen thus far.

While it is the lightest high HP 4 stroke ever built, it is not as light as the XP. Having said that, we all felt the Nytro was the most “un—4-stroke 4-stroke” any of us had ever ridden.

How’s that?

Motorhead Mark

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