Problems With My ’06 Ski-Doo 600 SDI

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I’ve got a problem with my 2006 600 SDI X package machine. The sled was new this year – no miles. It hates powder and starts to break down at 7,200 hundred rpm and starts to pop out the exaust like a back fire.

You can’t break trail at all and you know that sucks when your buddies are having all the fun. It is fine where trails are groomed, no problems at all.

I have taken it back to shop and they say there are no codes in their computer and can’t find the problem. Any help would be great.

Robert Cooper


Thanks for your question.

There are two likely causes for your mis-fire problem in loose, deep snow. First, check to see if your exhaust outlet is meeting the belly pan properly. It must not be bent or mispositioned in the outlet. When I say bent I mean partially closed – even the smallest bit.

Finally, the belly pan has a molded-in flange in front of the exhaust outlet, this flange must be fully intact, not broken or deformed from a rock encounter. Even the slightest mispositioning of the exhaust in relation to the flange will create problems like yours in deep snow.

Second. Your intake system may be semi-clogged (with water and ice), restricted or just wet. If you store your sled outside in the cold or if you keep it warm and do not dry out the snow ingestion foam in the intake hole in the left side cover, you will experience the problem you mention.

Take the foam out and dry it in a clothes dryer or just leave it on a heat register inside for a day. Even if the foam looks free of snow and water, it may still be imbedded in the foam.

Water in the foam is just as bad as ice when you enter deep snow. The water will attract snow dust like glue and the foam will fill up and restrict your intake. When this happens the sled goes rich, revs are limited and it will backfire when squeezed hard.

As well, take time to check your airbox and ensure it is dry and clean inside. Although not recommended, if the problem is intake related, pull out the snow ingestion foam and run without it until you get back on hard pack.

Yes, you can scuff the intake side of your pistons at very low temps but you can get home if the sled is running poorly.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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