Should I Upgrade To A 600?

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Dear Motorhead:

I have a 2009 Arctic Cat F5LXR and love the sled for it’s very comfortable ride and handling but just wish it had some more power.

I have heard about a kit that may be clutch fit and new drive belt that will increase the horsepower from 85 to 110. My loyalty to Cat has me not wanting to change brands to get a 600 and I don’t want to go the extra money to move up to an 800, cause I don’t ride as fast as that will.

If I went to a 600 SnoPro I would be giving up my good ride on the F5. Any advice?

keep up the good work. I never miss an episode of SnowTrax.




Thanks for your email!

A couple issues come to mind right away.

First, a clutch kit and a drive belt will not increase engine HP – however it may take better advantage of the existing HP you’ve got and allow the engine to run at trail speed closer to it torque peak – or at the very least more centered in the available torque the engine produces.

Keep in mind, this engine is a very “high strung” motor and does not produce a lot of low end squeeze. Torque is what makes trail riding fun and your 500’s lack of the same is what you’re missing .

You really are a good candidate for a 600. Keep in mind there is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to snowmobile modifications. You can paint yourself in a corner quickly spending money on an existing sled when the best move is to deal up and get more power and a new ride.

Maybe you should wait a couple more weeks and see what AC has for 2012. I would highly recommend you do.

Motorhead Mark

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