REV 500 SS Inside Ski Lift Issues

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First of all great web site. I have a 2005 500ss which is a great sled but has a lot of inside ski lift and is a bit tippy. Is there any way to get the the handling of the 2006 with the lower front end.

Also this sled has a lot of belt dust, way more than my cat had.

Thanks and keep up the good work.



Thanks for your question.

Your 2005 Rev 500 SS will settle down and stay flatter with a couple of subtle tweaks.

First, turn the coupler block on the rear drop link at least one position fatter (so a fatter side is pointing rearward.)

This will increase the coupling moment and reduce inside ski lift under power exiting turns. However, this will do little on entry with the throttle dropped.

To counter off-throttle inside ski lift you should take some pre-load off the front IFS shocks. Do this incrementally.

The change to the front end of the 06 Rev’s was most profound up front where SD actually reduced front IFS travel by 1.5 inches. By reducing preload you allow the sled to settle lower into the suspension stroke at static ride height.

You can also help your cause by reducing the front arm shock preload as well. If you have studs on the outside belts of your track – ditch them. They only make the situation worse.

If the sled can slide a little more in aggressive corners it will generate softer lateral forces and help you stay flatter in turns.

There is a downside to all of this. You will get somewhat heavier steering and you may sense a little more tendency to dip and duck side to side on straight-aways. This is a result of the softer preload you’ve dialed in.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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