Renegade vs. Nytro Weight Comparo

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Dear Motorhead:

I note that the new Renegade 4-stroke is advertised as lighter than the Nytro XTX. when you price the SD it gives an option of Pull or electric and when you choose elec the price increses by 350. Could it be that the advertised weight of the SD is w/o elec start?

I find weight info on sleds published by the manufacturers, magazines and other literature does not properly address whether the sled has elec start and how much this contributes to weight.

I understand from some that the battery, starter, and ring gear would add 10-15 lbs…about 12? 

Could you clarify the above? Thanks for the great magazine and the website…the best. 



Thanks for your email!

Okay, I’m going to check for you but I don’t think Ski-Doo is producing any 4TEC engines with pull start.

I have included Steve Cowing in this email to comment – I’ve checked my info here and I don’t see any 4TEC’s with rope start. You are correct about the Renny 4TEC weight versus the Nytro XTX – the SD is lighter – with key start.

Obviously, the Nytro only comes with key start as well. Actually, I can’t think of any 4 strokes in the market with rope start. Even the Phazer is electric-only.

It sounds like the specs you’re viewing may have the 600 ETEC mixed in with the 4TEC specs. An ETEC can be had with rope start or optional key start. 

If you’re looking for weight comparisons check the 600 ETEC Renny against the Nytro XTX . Yikes!

Thanks for the comments – they’re appreciated!

Motorhead Mark 

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