Renegade or Dragon?

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Dear Motorhead,

I’m looking for a new sled and am stuck between the MXZ Renegade X 800 and the Polaris 700 Dragon Switchback. In your opinion which sled is the better and for what reason?

Also, is the X package worth the extra money? Same question goes for the Dragon package.



Thanks for your email!

Your question requires another question. The two sleds you are comparing are close competitors except for one issue – power. The Polaris 700 Cleanfire is a potent and torquey 140 HP SDI mill that’ll straiten your hair at full whack.

However, the 800R series Rotax used in the new XP Renegade SD is a 153 HP mill. That’s 13 more ponies and they will make a difference – this is inevitable.

If you understand this going into this comparison, possibly I can help.

The New Rev XP is a radical departure from the known parameters of most snowmobiles. It is extremely light and a little unusual in its layout from an ergo standpoint.

Without the highest windshield the sled is very breezy. It is fast, handles well and has all the sizzle of a brand new model. If you’re really into deep snow flotation – and that’s more important than trail riding – the XP Renegade is almost impossible to beat.

We expect this sled to deliver amazing economy – a limited build 120 XP we ran last winter gave us the highest recorded mileage we’ve ever seen from a snowmobile – nearly 25 mpg.

The IQ Dragon is the second lightest sled in the category and uses slick front end geometry to produce what we have felt is the best trail handling of any sled – right now.

The ride quality is good and the ergo’s – are in our opinion – the very best in the biz. The IQ is a much warmer ride than an XP. The Dragon does not have all the sizzle of the Rev XP because it is not an all-new design.

If you’re more interested in trail riding and just occasional deep snow running the IQ is a great choice. The 700 Cleanfire Switchback we ran last winter produced mid-to-high teens fuel economy. This number may increase this season as a result of ECU tweaks.

Keep this in mind – there will most likely be an 800 Switchback for MY 09 – Polaris has a limited release 800 Cleanfire 121 which is scary fast – a Switchback can’t be far behind.

As with any comparison, I always caution readers to make their choice revolve around the dealer first. The dealer is always the biggest factor in a final decision because nine times out of ten he can make or break your purchase and riding experience.

Good Luck!

Motorhead Mark

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