Cat’s All-New Sno-Mo Weapon

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Arctic Cat is wasting no-time generating excitement in advance of the arrival of its all-new 600cc Stock and Mod Sno-X weapon.

Clearly, the teaser Press Release sent out in June gives us a hint about what we can expect. Look for a 121 or 128 x 15-inch sneaker (no more 13.5 wides) and an overall shorter wheelbase chassis.

We have it from good sources the platform, while loosely based on the new F-chassis, is not a mirror image of the F template. In fact, the sled will be so unique, both in its design and appearance, Cat has warned us to warn you not to expect this platform to appear as a production chassis in the near future.

It’s no secret AC (and other manufacturers) have non-current boxes to clear from dealer inventories before bringing a new racer-only platform into production.

While this is predictable we think if the decks clear of non-currents quickly this winter, there might be potential to see some new racer-based iron in showrooms sooner rather than later.

Clearly, OEMs race to develop and improve technology destined for consumer sleds. Last time we checked, that hasn’t changed.

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