Questions About Ski-Doo XP 800R Renegade

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Dear Motorhead,

When I tested the 121″ prototype XP 800R I considered the vibration in my hands AND feet to be unacceptable.

I was hoping you could tell me what you think of the production version? Does the ring gear and rubber steering mount solve the vibration problem? I’m interested in buying a 2009 XP 800R Renegade but I need the vibration fixed.

Also, I’ve seen some pictures on the internet of cracked/broken drive shafts (mostly on mountain sleds) where the splined ends are pressed into the hollow drive shaft. Do you know if BRP has a fix in the works for this and do you think it will be fixed for 09?

I’m assuming the other issues like handle bar warmers, suspension calibrations and breaking idler wheels are small enough not to worry about for 09 since these should be easy to fix.

Any info you can pass on would be appreciated.




Thanks for your email!

Your questions are valid. The engine vibes in the bars are gone this year. The de-coupling system BRP used here is highly effective. The jackshaft issue has not been a problem on flatland XP’s however I’m confident BRP would address this if it was a serious issue.

Yes, the rear tires are improved and BRP claims they have suspension calibration in the works (again) which should soften up the 137 Renny (and all other XP variants).

The hot grip issue was solved in December and our Renny 8 has almost 2000 miles on it without any trouble. Some have complained of belt issues but we have seen none on four XP units we’ve been running.

I think some consumers do not “break-in” new drive belts and just hold it wide open creating belt issues later on. Three gentle, easy miles when new is all it takes.


Motorhead Mark

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