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I have a Pro X 440 Fan cooled and have rebuilt the engine twice. I’m thinking of putting a 550 cylinder on it. would changing the cylinders cause the engine to break as much?



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I suggest you check to see if you can simply throw 550 cylinders on the 440 without changing the exhaust, CDI box and intake – in particular the carburetion and jetting.

As well, clutching will absolutely have to be changed to make the package work. I think you’re into something that will be very costly for very little return.

Motorhead Mark

So what would be my best solution? My 440 engine blew up this winter and instead of buying new 440 Cylinder I want to buy 550 cylinders that I hope will last longer.


Okay, here’s my advice – don’t buy 550 cylinders. Stick with the 440 jugs and make sure you put the thing together right. Use isopropyl alcohol in every tank of fuel and run good oil ensuring your pump is properly calibrated (the timing marks on the lever are aligned with the indicator on the pump).

That’s the best answer I’ve got for you.

Motorhead Mark

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