Great Response To Not-So-Great Email

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Here’s a great response to an abrasive and misinformed email to Motorhead Mark about Supertrax and Ski-Doo.

Motorhead’s replies are in bold…

I’ve been following Supertrax for the last few seasons and quite frankly am getting quite disgusted with it. I think you should change your name from Supertrax magazine to “SKI-DOO” magazine. Supertrax is bar none the most biased magazine on the market, towards Ski-Doo.

Funny thing, the last email I opened said we were biased to Yamaha, the one before that was Polaris. I guess we’re missing out with Arctic Cat. I’ll try and be more biased toward them in the future – just so you’ll think we’re fair.

It’s pretty bad that every time I flip screens in this website the background is a Ski-Doo wallpaper.

Being as how this is a business, we actually sell that background to Ski-Doo for money – do you think we would do that because we’re Ski-Doo freaks? What time zone do you live in? Central Prehistoric?

I also notice that every time I open one of your magazines the first 3 pages are ALWAYS Ski-Doo ads.

Strange. I’ll talk to our ad sales guys about this…Maybe Ski-Doo PAID for better positioning? Hello!

…and upon reading your mag, you never have anything bad to say about Ski-Doo.

Not true, I’ve been called up to answer for stuff I’ve said negative about Ski-Doo many times. However, right now they’re #1 in the market and it’s not solely because they bought background wallpaper on our website.

Pay attention here, this will hurt – Ski-Doo is making great sleds and the rest of the industry – in one way or another -is attempting to emulate its success by integrating things like rider forward ergo’s, lightweight and low emission motors. Like I said, truth hurts.

…and now that I have rode every sled on the market, I’d take Ski-Doo last over all of them.

I assume you’re a member of the international snowmobile press? You’d better be because if you’ve already ridden all the new ones and you’re not in the media, I know a lot of people at high levels who are gonna be ticked off! Give me a break – you’ve ridden an 800 Cleanfire Polaris? A Nytro? A Renegade 600 XP?

…especially now with the XP,

How many miles did you log on an XP? We put over 1600 kms on ours – it’s still here.

I almost destroyed a chaincase on one last march on one of the pre prods, it had all kinds of spider cracks though out it and was leaking oi, which is not a good thing when you consider that the chaincase is a huge staple in the rigidity of that sled.

Ours didn’t, but having said that – the limited build 800 XP’s last year were just that – pre-production models. They were used as test mules for exposing the market to the new chassis and to validate reliability before going to full production.

By the way, how do you “almost destroy” a chaincase? It’s been my experience this is either a destroyed or not-destroyed issue.

Further more, the weights on the new Doo’s, are absolutely out to lunch. Maybe zero out the scale the way it should be zeroed and I bet they’d be closer.

So what brand are you psychotically loyal too? The new SD XP is as light and lighter than promised. You can’t change that and neither can I. Ski-Doo delivered on their promise of a 50-pound reduction across the board and the TNT is less than 400 pounds dry. You’re wrong.

Pretty bad when they wouldn’t let me sit on the sled on the scales at Snow Shoot! Open your eyes!

So you were at Snow Shoot in Grand Lake? My eyes are open.

Try someone else on for size next time.

Motorhead Mark

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