Is My Sled A Power-Tek?

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I’m looking at buying a 2005 still brand new 800 HO Adreneline.

I’m wondering if it has the Power Tek motor in that sled? Is there much difference if it isn’t?




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If the engine in the sled you’re looking at has a knock sensor on the cylinder head and the outside bodywork sez “Power Tek” on the lower right and left side panels – you are – in fact – looking at a Power Tek 800 Series III Rotax powered Rev.

The difference between the older Series II 800’s without P-Tek is in fuel economy. Power from both versions is pretty even – however the P-Tek engines run more consistently on warm days.

The fuel economy diff is huge – P-Teks regularly card 18 plus mpg while the non-P-teks will do 13 on a good day.

Motorhead Mark

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