Snowmobile Community Opens Arms to Newcomers

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Press Release –
The 2007-2008 weather outlook for North America, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, is for a colder than normal winter for much of North America with snowier than normal conditions expected. 

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Mother Nature is going to keep many of us on our toes.  The Almanac promises a change from last year.  The Almanac goes on to report that Mother Nature will be showing little mercy and the temperatures should begin to drop soon, with snow to follow.
With the Farmer’s Almanac forecast in mind, nobody is more excited about this winter’s snowmobiling possibilities than organized snowmobilers.  This winter holds some great potential for improved snowmobiling and expanded opportunities for snowmobilers to Take a Friend Snowmobiling. 
At the International Snowmobile Congress held in June 2007 the International Snowmobile Media Council initiated a unique partnership with the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association and other snowmobile community members in the development of the Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign. 

The campaign has been developed while considering the snowmobile manufacturers Go Snowmobiling research, which shows that non-snowmobilers have an extremely strong desire to go snowmobiling.  As a matter of fact, when asked how they would rate their desire to go snowmobiling, non-snowmobilers across the snowbelt reported an interest of 9 on a scale of 1-10 expressing their interest level to “go snowmobiling.”
Snowmobilers are social folk who enjoy each others company and enjoy the great outdoors in the winter.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to take a non-snowmobiling friend snowmobiling and get to know them better on the snow and encourage them to join one of our unique snowmobile clubs and associations.
Throughout the winter the International Snowmobile Media Council members will be promoting the Take a Friend Snowmobiling idea and concepts to snowmobile clubs and associations. 

Many snowmobile associations are planning special rides where they will invite non-snowmobilers for a snowmobile ride.  Some clubs and associations are already inviting local politicians and news media (radio, TV and print) to Go Snowmobiling.   

The best way to explain WHY we snowmobile is to actually Take a Friend Snowmobiling.  We know how much FUN it is and once our new and old friends go snowmobiling, they’ll be part of our team.
The manufacturers collectively and individually, as well as the dealer body, are supporting the Take a Friend/Go Snowmobiling efforts.  Through the ISMA Grant Program, opportunities are available for state/provincial associations to receive financial support in coordinating an effective Take a Friend Snowmobiling event.
There are many opportunities and the ideas are limitless.  Knowing how important the weather is and how many of us watch our favorite weather person on TV, I recommend we all contact our favorite weatherman (weather woman in most cases) and take him or her snowmobiling. 

Once we get the weather people on a snowmobile with us, the next time they forecast a winter storm, they will do so with a smile – not a frown.

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