Playing Favorites?

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Many say you are “in bed” with SkiDoo and having a poll where there is only one Doo versus 2 Cats and 2 Yams only furthers this. With your Ski-Doo fan following and not having to split votes, the Renegade will win in a landslide.



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Over the 17 year history of this magazine we’ve been accused of being in bed with – at one time or another – all four OEM’s.

When one OEM delivers better product and shoots ahead in sales we comment editorially on the product – if it’s good – and it usually is if it causes a market shift – we evaluate the product and clarify the details. Invariably our report on a new better sled – regardless of who built it – is usually a reflection of just that – a new and better sled.

There was no collusion involved in Ski-Doo ending up with one sled in this on-line poll. I think your observation is correct, Ski-Doo will get all the votes from loyalists on one sled while the others will be split.

Anyway, we do lots of polls all year and you could conclude we’re biased (to any OE) from almost anything we write. It’s what this business is all about.

Your interpretation proves brand loyalty is still a huge influencer in purchase habits. I would suggest you read carefully our editorial on both the new F’s and the Yamaha’s – we have been criticized greatly for liking them from the other two OE’s.

Have great winter!

Motorhead Mark

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