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I have a question about Ski-Doo X package clicker shocks. How do you know where they are set from factory and do they go back to a soft setting after turning them 5 times if they haven’t been messed with yet?

Not having much luck finding out about them here.


Rob Cooper


Thanks for your question!

I cannot give you a definitive answer on this Q as you have not indicated what year sled the shocks are from. There are distinct and important differences between some of these “clickers”.

However, I will take a stab at what you’ve put forward. If you’ve been counting complete turns – as I suspect by the number ”5” in your question – you are not doing the “clicking” correctly.

In my experience these clicker models from Ski-Doo all have at least ten and some as many as 20 or more clicks available and some have both compression clickers and rebound clickers. It’s important to know the diff. As well, on certain models there is a high speed clicker and low speed barrel nut.

Here’s the deal – you must have the shocks sitting at full extension – so lift the front or the rear of the sled so the shocks are fully extended before “clicking” anything.

Then you should turn the clicker all the way in (tighten) until it gently bottoms or comes to a stop. Count the number of detents or “clicks” you feel from where you were at before starting until the screw bottoms. DO NOT TURN THE CLICKER SCREW TIGHTLY INTO BOTTOMING!This will score the very precise and fragile needle you are screwing into a valve orifice.

Now carefully screw the clicker all the way out (loosen) until it stops. Count all the clicks as you turn from full in to full out. Now, turn the clicker to the middle click (if there’s 22 clicks then stop at #11) and go ride the sled through bumps at varying speeds.

This will be your benchmark for either increasing compression or decreasing compression. The same goes for a rebound clicker. There’s a whole lot more to learn from rebound but we’ll leave that for another time.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark


Sorry, it’s a 2006 Ski Doo 600 SDI X package. I’m told there are only 5 settings, but nobody around here knows anything about them.

I’m from Connecticut and bought local as the price was right. I do most of my riding in Maine. I’ll try screwing them in and see what happens. Do I turn the high rate in the same manner?

Thanks for all the help.




I recommend you not touch the outside barrel nut – if that is the style of hi-lo-speed compression clicker you have.

The inner flat/slot screw clicker is the hi-speed adjuster – just play with this. The outer barrel nut style is the low speed and it can be very finicky – if your piggy back KYB’s have this style.

The rebound clicker is most often at the other end of the shock. Fiddle with it after you have settled on a compression setting to your liking.


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