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Dear Motorhead:

I watched your video review on the little Yamaha Phazer XTX (RTX pictured).

I have not owned a snowmobile since my Citation 4500 in 1983 and I’m thinking of getting one of these for this year and possibly a SRViper XTX next year leaving the Phazer for my wife.

It may just be my thinking, but I’m assuming that the little Phazer has to perform better than what I remember of the old Ski-Doo.

My weight is 205 lbs. which is a little on the heavy side for this sled but I am assuming this is more sled than the citation.

Your thoughts would be great.

Dino Santarossa

Thanks for your email!

Here’s my advice. Step up and buy the Viper first – you will not be sorry. A guy of your dimension is going to immediately want more power from the Phazer – however your wife will appreciate the Phazer’s lithe weight and handling and will not miss the power. The Phazer is an 80 HP sled. The Viper is a 130 HP snowmobile – big difference!

Yes, the Phazer (or any late model sled for that matter) is better by a ji-normous margin than a Citation 4500!

You may want to think carefully about the XTX models – are you going to ride off-trail a lot? Does your wife even know how to ride off trail? How experienced are you at off trail riding?

The reason I ask is the XTX is biased to deep snow riding more so than trail riding. The standard length 129 inch Viper is a great trail sled that can run in untramped snow on lakes.

The Phazer in the 121-inch length is a nice, light entry level trail sled. Both of theses sleds will provide a much more enjoyable trail riding experience. You have to ask yourself what you want to do most – on trail or off trail riding.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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