MPG Ratings for Polaris Sleds

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Dear Motorhead,

My question concerns MPG ratings on Polaris sleds – primarily the 700 & 800 models and the 4-stroke models as well.

I read reviews and reports over and over, but nobody mentions how much these sleds will run on an MPG rating based on their fuel tank size.

Thank you,



Thanks for your email!

Your question has huge implications and is one of the toughest issues in the biz right now.

First – there are no “ratings” for mpg which are independently verifiable. What we do with our sleds is what we write about and here’s what we’ve seen this year – we’ve had so much snow all our PR sleds have been getting less mpg than last year when we rode hard pack trails and icy lakes.

This seasons snow has made even groomed trails softer and that’s what makes mpg comparos on snowmobiles so difficult. Can you imagine if pavement changed and was soft one day – hard another? Imagine the effect on automobile mpg?

So, here’s what we think. The CF 600 mill gets between 16 and 17 – pretty consistently – this year. The CF 700 will do about 1-2 mpg less.

It does seem inordinately hard on fuel for the extra 10 horses. The Turbo IQ will pull 17 – sometimes a little better – but usually 17 is what it’ll get. Less if you’re on the hammer on lakes. These numbers are at sea-level – not in vertical terrain.

Keep in mind the Polaris 600 engine is still the benchmark for power in the biz – horses like to eat.

Motorhead Mark

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