M8 Technical Issues

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I have an M8 and when I ride it hard it gets hot or something and dies when I put it in reverse and/or wont start after shuting it off (no spark)and the dealer computer says its a knock sensor is the only problem thats repeating itsef.

When it wont start I’ve cheked the spark and doesn’t have any. it takes about 10-60 minutes of sitting and pulling to start and then it starts right up and runs fine.

I have 1800 miles on mine (probably more than the general population). It started happing at about 900 miles. I think its not the engine temperature, but one of the surrounding components like the magnito or something in the engine compartment thats gets to hot.

What do you guys think it is? I’ve heard of other poeple having similar problems, but not as often.

Lucas Brennan


Thanks for your question!

Here’s the best I can do for you – take it to another dealer. You’re talking about electronics here and clearly, there’s only one way to diagnose the problem – check every sensor and test every electric component individually – unless your dealer has other info.

Electronics are great when they work but when there’s a problem – or in particular more than one problem at the same time – which I suspect you are having – you’re married to your dealer – so make sure it’s a well qualified one.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

Motorhead Mark

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