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Dear Motorhead,

I hear from some people that there maybe a mid season sled release, but I’m not talking a 600. I’m talking about the rt1000 motor being put into an xp chasis.

There is a large demand for lightweight big displacement over here in western canada. we just dyno’d an M1000 that we built and at 10lbs boost it made 250hp and 195ftlbs of torque at 7100 rpm.



Thanks for your email!

As you probably know, nobody is on the limited build stick more than Supertrax. Over the years we’ve predicted the arrival of many Limiteds.

As far as SD is concerned, I think your assertion of an RT 1000SDI powered XP is credible. However, at this moment I’m not sure if it will come as a limited build.

SD along with everyone else is very concerned about carryover – just too many boxes with the wrong model year stamped on them left laying around North America. I believe the 1 litre will be in an XP for MY 09 – I’m just not sure yet if it will be out early for us to test.

Motorhead Mark

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