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Dear Motorhead:

I just bought a 2005 Polaris Fusion 900 with only 494 Miles on it. It’s had all the updates, but some blogs talk about vibration, etc.

Any suggestions for what should I do before the season starts to get the most of this “like new” sled?.



Thanks for your email!

The Fusion 900 once updated was a good handling trail sled. One issue though is power. If you don’t expect the sled to be faster than say a 700 – you will be fine.

The motor was low on HP – around 130 – so performance was not stellar for a 900. The vibration problem is mainly in the left footrest area and can be cured with a set of Dr. Scholls gel inserts for your boots – the engine isn’t going to stop shaking.

Ensure your 900 has the updated drive belt, which was issued the following year for the sled. This belt was more durable and noticeably stronger – the original belt was prone to kitty-hair explosions and could even hurt the bodywork when it let go.

There were many updates for that sled and I would suggest you take the serial number to your local Polaris dealer and have them run it to ensure all were performed on the unit you own.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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