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Dear Motorhead:

I just purchased a 2009 MXZ Renegade 800r. It has only 300 miles on it so it’s essentially brand new. I’m a long time Arctic Cat rider and this will be my first Ski-Doo model.

I’m interested on your take about this particular sled and if there are any hiccups that I should be aware of.



Thanks for your email!

Wow! You certainly scored a sweet deal on a ’09 with only 300 miles!

This is a really good snowmobile with exceptional power (over 150 HP). The only downside of this engine is the relatively heavy throttle pull which was alleviated when the mill went E-TEC two seasons ago. Fuel economy will surprise you and oil consumption is equally good.

If you ever blow a belt pay strict attention to any cording getting wrapped around the PTO stub of the crank behind the fixed half of the primary sheave. These motors have been prone to PTO crank seal failure from debris left after a belt explosion. The sled is not predisposed to belt failure but you know it can happen.

The rest of the sled is pure XP – light and nimble. I would suggest you add the extra, outside carbides to the skis if not already there.

Pilot 5.7’s on XP’s can be nervous but settle exponentially when the optional outer carbides are fitted.

Great sled – have a great winter!

Motorhead Mark

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